ARC goes Open Source Print
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Saturday, 25 January 2014 10:58

ARC goes Open Source! Now everybody can download ARC's source code and fiddle around with it as well as contribute by proposing fixes and joining the development team. Check it out here.

Now, what does that mean? This brings a few new things with it.

  • ARC is going to be free, forever. No more licensing fees are we previously said.
  • We are not going to make a "new" RPG maker. The "Legacy Edition" (which was basically an RMXP on steroids) will be the actual release. We might write our own scripts, because you are technically not allowed to use the RTP scripts.
  • We are going to add some additional stuff to improve upon the existing design (e.g. a particle engine) which means that the compatibility with RMXP should not be impacted too much, but there WILL BE a few scripts that might not work with ARC since we also want to change some things that in our opinion Enterbrain could have done better.
  • We are all very excited of ARC's future in these new conditions.

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