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Wednesday, 09 March 2011 21:15

A new community project has emerged: Advanced RPG Creator!

The members of Chaos Project have begun the development on a new engine and editor that will change the way 2D RPGs are made. The new Zer0 Division Engine will be faster and better than RGSS. ARC will have an editor that is a lot more powerful than RMXP and unlike RMXP, it will be extensible with plugins. It will also allow anybody with RMXP to migrate their project and continue development in ARC!

ARC is the future of 2D RPG development whether commercial or non-commercial. It is built upon April, a professional open source rendering engine co-developed by Chaos Project's administrator Blizzard.

ARC consists out of 3 main components. Those components are the Zer0 Division Engine analogically to RGSS, ARC Editor analogically to RPG Maker XP Editor and Ruby 1.9.2 analogically to Ruby 1.8.6 as scripting language. A special script will be developed that will allow you to simply insert all your RMXP scripts into ARC instead of the default ARC scripts in order to continue your project that you started with RMXP. Users of ARC will be able to convert their RMXP project with everything inside into an ARC project with just a few clicks.

Among others, the design goals of ARC are to give the user more possibilities and direct access to important native features such as screen resolution, mouse support, proper audio control and many more. Projects created in ARC will be able to run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android!

One of ARC's best features is that it's free of charge for non-commercial projects! Commercial projects will still require a predetermined one-time fee, but after that there are no more fees or any kind of royalty payments.

Join the development team or get your newest information here.

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