Blizz-ABS 2.84 released Print
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Sunday, 23 January 2011 10:07

Blizz-ABS 2.84 has been released! With several new features Blizz-ABS is nearing its completion: One battle system to rule them all.

The new version includes a critical bugfix in the AI that was noticed by the once-developer of Blizz-ABS Blizzard. Additionally a \nodmg tag has been added, which will not display damage for the battler. This tag together with the already existing tags \hide and \immortal and the alignment system to make a group lifeless allows the creation of perfect hookpoints for hookshot weapons. The knockback feature has also been enhanced and improved, now giving the user several modes of knockback and allowing definition of knockbacks for every weapon/skill/item/enemy separately. Download the newest version from here.

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